Structurally related

Below are listed the viral proteins that adopt a BCL-2-like structural fold despite sharing very sequence low similarity to BCL-2. Because they could not be seen as homologous to BCL-2 with a sufficient degree of confidence, these viral proteins have no entry in this database.

Gene nameProtein nameSynonymsPrimary functionBCL2DB acc.Reference
A46A46-uncharacterizedP26672Gonzalez et al., 2010
A49RA49-uncharacterizedP21068Goebel et al., 1990
A52A52-not functionalQ01220Graham et al., 2008
B14B14-not functionalP24772Graham et al., 2008
C1C1-uncharacterizedP17368Gonzalez et al., 2010
DPV022DPV022-inhibitorQ08FX8Banadyga et al., 2011
F1LF1L-inhibitorO57173Kvansakul et al., 2008
K7K7-not functionalQ76ZX2Kalverda et al., 2009
M11LM11L-inhibitorQ85295Kvansakul et al., 2007
N1LN1L-inhibitorP17361Aoyagi et al., 2007
N2N2-uncharacterizedP14357Gonzalez et al., 2010
SPPV14SPPV14-inhibitorQ8JU19Okamoto et al., 2012
C6C6-uncharacterizedP17362Gonzalez et al., 2010
C16C16-uncharacterizedP21100Gonzalez et al., 2010

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