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12023-08-19BCL-2 Database loaded (release 51.0, 5568 entries, 85335152 residues).
22023-05-06BCL-2 Database loaded (release 50.0, 5358 entries, 81620640 residues).
32023-05-02This service was unavailable between April 19th and 30th following two power cuts in the city on April 19th and 23rd which affected a component of the network infrastructure. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
42023-03-01Updated sequence analysis tools:
- updated BLAST to version 2.13.0+
- updated HMMER to version 3.3.2
- added FASTA/SSEARCH version 36.3.8i
- added KALIGN 3.3.5 / MAFFT 7.505 / MUSCLE 5.1
- deleted CLUSTAL W
Added sub-menus for nucleotide and protein sequence analysis.
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