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12024-04-11BCL2DB entry view pages are now accessible from permanent URLs.
22024-04-08BCL2DB release 52 has been fixed for missing entries (including O43521, P03246, P10415, P55957, Q07812, Q07817, Q07819, Q07820, Q13794, Q16548, Q16611, Q5TBC7, Q92843, Q96LC9, Q9BXH1, Q9BXK5, Q9BZR8 and Q9UMX3).
32024-04-06BCL-2 Database loaded (release 52.0, 5796 entries, 92168183 residues).
42024-03-21Updated Contact form to improve robustness against antispam filters.
52024-03-12Hardware and software upgraded. We apologize for disrupted service during first week of March.
62024-01-26Fixed error messages not displayed in Annotate form when bad parameter values are entered.
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